Meeting Policies

Abstract Publishing

All abstracts are published as submitted by the authors. The AANS is unable to make any change to the abstracts.

American with Disabilities Act

The AANS wishes to take steps to ensure that no individual with a disability is excluded, denied services, segregated or otherwise treated differently than other individuals because of the absence of auxiliary aids and services. If you require any of the auxiliary aids or services identified in the Americans with Disabilities Act in order to attend any AANS program, please contact the AANS Management Office at the San Diego Convention Center, room 23A.

At the San Diego Convention Center, you will find that the facility has been designed to make your visit as productive and comfortable as possible. We hope that you will agree that the facilities, services and helpful staff demonstrate our commitment to accessibility. For a detailed list, please click here.

Boarding Pass

Print your boarding pass before you leave for the airport. The Boarding Pass Kiosk will be available at AANS Registration, located in Hall D Lobby; San Diego Convention Center.

Attendee Conduct

  • Selling and/or marketing activities are reserved exclusively for registered exhibitors and can only be conducted from an exhibit booth space.
  • Annual Scientific Meeting attendees that plan to sell and/or market products can only do so from an exhibit booth in the AANS Exhibit Hall. To secure a paid exhibit booth space, visit here for information.
  • At the sole discretion of AANS, attendees found in violation of these requirements may be escorted from the meeting and have all meeting privileges revoked without refund of fees paid.

Harassment and Disruptive Behavior at Meetings and Courses

The AANS is committed to providing a safe and productive meeting/course environment that promotes open dialogue and the exchange of professional and scientific ideas, and is free of harassment, discrimination and other unprofessional behavior. All participants at AANS meetings and/or courses are expected to treat others with respect, comply at all times with the AANS Code of Ethics, and to follow venue rules

Event Cancellation

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the American Association of Neurological Surgeons may elect to cancel the Annual Scientific Meeting. These circumstances may include, but are not limited to, disaster, severe weather, civil commotion or government laws or regulations. In the event of such cancellation, all Annual Scientific Meeting registrants will be notified by email at the address noted in the AANS database; and registration fees will be refunded in full. Other costs incurred by the registrant, such as airline or hotel penalties, are the responsibility of the registrant.

Photography/Video Waiver

The AANS plans to capture video, live stream video and/or take photographs at the 2019 AANS Annual Scientific Meeting. By registering/attending the meeting, you grant the AANS the right to use your image, video and biography in print, electronic or other media. All postings become the property of the AANS and may be displayed, distributed or used by the AANS for any purpose. Attendees are prohibited from live streaming, photography and video capture without the consent of the AANS. The AANS is not responsible for unauthorized media capture performed by meeting attendees.

Privacy Policy

AANS Annual Scientific Meeting registration lists, including the medical registrant’s name and postal mailing address are available for sale to exhibitors in advance of and after the Annual Scientific Meeting. In addition, certain personal information, including the medical registrant’s name, postal mailing address, phone number, hospital affiliation and practice focus, is available at the meeting to exhibitors through a “lead retrieval system” mechanism. For additional information, please refer to the entire AANS Privacy Policy by visiting http://www.aans.org/Privacy-Policy.

Private Meeting

The 2019 AANS Annual Scientific Meeting is a private meeting. The AANS reserves the right to control space and ask people to leave the meeting who are not qualified to attend or who cause disruptions, at the AANS’ sole discretion.

Reproduction Policy

The AANS reserves any and all rights to materials presented at the Annual Scientific Meeting, including E-posters and Scientific Exhibits. Reproductions of any kind, by a person or entity, without prior written permission from the AANS, are strictly prohibited. Prohibited reproductions include, but are not limited to, audiotapes, videotapes and/or still photography. Person violating this policy may have their badge confiscated and be escorted from the meeting. No unapproved surveys, handouts or literature may be distributed at the meeting.


For your safety, the AANS recommends removing your badge when walking outside of the convention center. In addition, please refrain from walking by yourself in the city streets at night.

Taping and Photography

Audiotaping, videotaping or photography by individuals is strictly prohibited in all Scientific Sessions.