108 My Worst Mistakes in my First Year of Practice - Lessons Learned for Senior Residents and Recent Graduates

Monday, April 15
7:00 am - 9:00 am
Location: 28A; SDCC

Fee: $150
Advanced Practice Provider Fee: $150
Candidate and Medical Student Fee: $65

Moderator(s): Khoi Duc Than, MD, FAANS ; Anthony C. Wang, MD

Panelist(s): Sharona Ben-Haim, MD; Travis M. Dumont, MD, FAANS; Peter Edward Fecci, MD, FAANS ; Rory C. Goodwin, MD PhD; Edjah Kweku-Ebura Nduom, MD; Krystal Lynne Tomei, MD, MPH, FAANS ; Chad W. Washington, MD, MS

The first years of neurosurgical practice can be the most harrowing. Building a practice, learning administrative functions, establishing an academic foundation, and most importantly, becoming the primary maker of treatment and technical decisions, are exciting challenges that can be mitigated by learning from those who have already gone through the process . In this course, a collection of young faculty share the worst of their early-practice complications and mistakes, in order to help peers and future generations of neurosurgeons avoid making similar mistakes.

Learning Objectives: After completing this educational activity, participants should be able to:

  • Identify common areas where junior faculty make mistakes early in practice.
  • Identify strategies to prevent/overcome these mistakes.
  • Discuss mistakes made and lessons learned.