AANS Opening Reception at USS Midway Museum

Sunday, April 14
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
USS Midway Museum; Offsite

The USS Midway Museum is a maritime museum located in downtown San Diego at Navy Pier. It is home to the USS Midway, America’s longest-serving aircraft carrier of the 20th century. The ship houses an extensive collection of aircraft. Approximately 200,000 sailors served aboard the carrier, known for several naval aviation breakthroughs as well as several humanitarian missions. It was the only carrier to serve the entire length of the Cold War and beyond. It is now berthed in San Diego, known around the world as “Navy Town, USA.” All visitors are subject to a bag check before coming aboard the Midway. Prohibited items include but are not limited to: outside food/beverage, glass containers of any kind, pets, bicycles, skateboard/scooters, weapons of any kind. Items allowed on-board include but are not limited to: service animals, strollers, clear plastic bottles, umbrellas. For attendees safety, please do not wear heels.