Authors: Elisha Peregino, RN, MS, CRNP PNP-AC, HTPA (Hershey, PA)

Introduction: Surgical services that work in open admission units often encompass various difficulties with managing their patients related to daily work flow in comparison with traditional medical services. A Neurosurgery Nursing Communication Tool (NNCT) was adapted to the pediatric neurosurgery (NSGY) population to improve team communication and understanding of patient care. There is limited research on rounding tools amongst the multi-disciplinary care team especially NSGY with nurses (RNs). Methods: This is a prospective cohort study utilizing a pre/post-implementation surveys with RNs on the pediatric unit was distributed to assess perceptions of baseline team communication. Each NNCT was assessed for various data components. Results: The pre-implementation survey showed that 63% felt their concerns were addressed and 42% feel confident speaking in team rounds. In the first month, there was a NNCT completion rate of 65% with less than 50% of NCCT data completed. Admission diagnoses were only correct on 55.6% of NCCTs. Post implementation surveys showed 85.7% felt it was user friendly. All RNs felt it took less than 5 minutes to complete. 71.4% of RNs felt it has helped to know more about their patient, 81.2% felt their concerns are addressed and 85.7% reported that it has improved communication. There was also an increase of RN confidence. Of RNs surveyed, 71.4% expressed that the NCCT could be helpful for other patients and surgical teams. It found that 72.7% of RNs learn their patient diagnosis from RN report. Conclusions: By implementing a brief NNCT, there was improved RN confidence and RN understanding of their patient, as well as, improved quality of RN-NCCT perceived communication after a month. This pilot study empathizes that all team members are accountable in patient care and communication. It also demonstrates the need for larger studies with better nursing involvement.