1274. Failure of paddle spinal stimulators.

Authors: Nazih Moufarrij, MD, FAANS (Wichita, KS)

Introduction: The industry may not provide enough information on the failure rate of paddle spinal cord stimulators for pain. This work attempts to fill such a gap. Methods: A prospective data base was used to extract this information between May 2002 and September 2018. All patient were operated by this author. Patient who requested the author to explant their stimulators for lack of benefit were identified. Psychiatric assessment and a one week trial were done prior to the permanent implant. Results: Two hundred and sixteen patient had a stimulator implanted and 15 requested it be explanted resulting in a 6.88% failure rate by this endpoint . Conclusion: The knowledge that a about 7% of paddle spinal stimulators fail to benefit the patient in spite of a preoperative psychiatric evaluation and a one week trial is important. It helps patients and providers have a more realistic view about the possible outcome of this surgery.