1265. Research Update in Neuroscience for Neurosurgeons: A Historical Perspective

Award: First Place History Eposter Award

Authors: Nitin Agarwal, MD; Eric Reseland, BS; Michael McDowell, MD; Jeremy Stone, MD; Daniel Tonetti, MD; Issam Awad; Charles Hodge, MD; Karen Koenig; Allan Friedman, MD; Robert Friedlander, MD, MA (Pittsburgh, PA)

Introduction: In 1984, Dr. Henry Schmidek began the Research Update in Neuroscience for Neurosurgeons (RUNN) at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA. Designed to counter a perceived diminished role of academic research and rigorous science in the field of neurosurgery, the course brought together renowned scientists to lecture residents and young attendings to keep them updated on rapidly unfolding neuroscience topics. After more than 30 years, the course continues to be a milestone of neurosurgery residents’ education. As such, a combination of interviews and annuals reports were compiled to detail this historical perspective on the RUNN course. Methods: All living former directors were interviewed to elucidate their experiences with the course. The course attendance was compiled through annual reports available back to 2001. The roster sheet was analyzed for both individual attendees as well as number of academic programs sending at least one resident. Additionally, the number of winners of the Society of Neurological Surgeons (SNS) / RUNN Resident Award was tabulated by program. Results: The RUNN course demonstrated consistent growth throughout its evolution. The course grew from an attendance of 59 participants in 2001 from 46 programs up to 103 attendees from 66 programs in 2017. This represents a 75 percent increase in attendees and a 43 percent increase in programs. Additionally, of the 24 recipients of the SNS / RUNN Research Award, three programs have had repeat winners: Brigham and Women’s (four winners), the University of Pittsburgh (three winners), and Duke University (two winners). Conclusion: Dr. Schmidek set out with a goal to re-emphasize the role of academic research in the field of neurosurgery. Under the sponsorship of the Society of Neurological Surgeons, the course continues to engage the next generation of neurosurgeons with the scientific concepts and tools shaping the field of neurosurgery.