1405. Neurosurgeon Perspectives on Overlapping/Concurrent Surgeries

Authors: Hector Soriano-Baron, MD; Hector Soriano Baron, MD; Stephanie Coffman, MD; Kyle Fargen, MD; John Wilson, MD; Wesley Hsu, MD (Winston Salem, NC)

Concurrent and overlapping surgeries are controversial topics that are of interest to neurosurgeons and their patients. To date, there have been no surveys aimed at studying physician practices for concurrent and overlapping surgeries in neurosurgery. Purpose of this study is to survey Chairmen and Program Directors neurosurgeons of U.S. neurosurgical centers in order to assess the current practices of concurrent and overlapping neurological surgeries. Methods: A 15 question survey was designed for all chairman and/or program directors of neurosurgical centers in the U.S. for the purpose of gathering information on the practice of concurrent and overlapping surgeries. The survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. No identifying information is asked of participants, with the exception of general questions about years of practice, primary area, and practice type. The chairman and program directors of neurosurgery centers in the U.S. were contacted via email, with communication expressing the purpose of the study and asking for voluntary survey completion. The communication sent to the centers includes the Survey link that allow recipients to access the survey directly. The survey will be accessible for a total of 9 weeks (survey is open during this abstract submission) with a closing day on 10/31/2018. During that time, reminder emails will be sent to the program directors and chairmen. After 9 weeks, the link to the survey will be deactivated and the survey will no longer be accessible. Data analysis will be performed along with statistical analysis. With this study we are seeking to help understanding how and why physicians are doing concurrent and/or overlapping neurosurgeries in the United States.