1447. WellSpentMD, An Innovative Solution to Neurosurgeon Burnout: Results of a Pilot Study

Authors: Theresa Williamson, MD; Jacquelyn Corley, MD; Cyrus Elahi, BS; Michael Haglund, MD, PhD; John Sampson, MD, PhD (Durham, NC)

Introduction: Neurosurgery is no exception to the rising trends of physician burnout. We instituted a burnout tool based on focus groups to determine what is important to neurosurgery residents and attendings. We implemented a mobile application that serves as a public newsfeed for positive news, a time banking program which rewards members with gifts aimed at optimizing their personal time and provides wellness resources. Methods: We implemented the program for a 4-month pilot and measured usage data using Mixpanel analytics and burnout response using twice weekly pulse Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) Questions as pop-ups on the application as well as pre and post full inventories including ACGME burnout survey and MBI. Means and standard deviations were calculated for response to individual questions and groups of questions. Comparisons between attending and residents were calculated using a 2-tailed t-test. Results: 74 % of faculty and residents invited to the pilot used the application. According to app analytics, there were 3,173 views of the newsfeed, 2417 app sessions, 516 compliments given, 978 compliments "liked", and 397 views of resources during the pilot. We saw a trend towards improvement in pulse MBI questions amongst residents (0.24 points over the course of the study for all questions averaged). In particular, the first question, “through my work, I feel that I have a positive influence on others” raised from an average of 5 (a few times a week) to 6 (every day) during the pilot period. Conclusion: Novel solutions to burnout incorporating feedback from neurosurgeons to address their needs lead to frequent use and improved burnout. We demonstrate successful adoption of WellSpentMD: an innovative solution to neurosurgeon burnout.