1009. A Novel Technique for Performing Percutaneous Trigeminal Rhizotomies using Neuronavigation

Authors: Luke Matthew Eppley; Pawan Rastogi, MD; Paul Boulos, MD (Newark, DE)

Introduction: This paper demonstrates the efficacy, ease and reproducibility of using electromagnetic neuronavigation and a modified introducer for cannulating the foramen ovale during radiofrequency rhizotomy of the trigeminal nerve. Methods: Our technique was developed using equipment currently and readily available in most neurosurgery operating rooms at a low cost. Results: We review three cases using this technique. We include prior indications, the accuracy and safety of the procedures, and patient outcomes. Conclusion: Neuronavigation improves accuracy and safety during radiofrequency ablation of the trigeminal nerve. This technique is an easy, effective and more accurate method of cannulating the foramen ovale. It removes the variation and guesswork inherent to traditional fluoroscopic approaches and freehand cheek punctures.