1113. Hyperattenuating Choroid Plexus: An Unusual Finding Heralding Deep Venous System Thrombosis

Authors: Brian Patrick Curry, MD; Nicholas Szuflita, MD; George Rymarczuk, MD (Bethesda, MD)

Introduction: Thrombosis of the deep cerebral venous system, including the internal cerebral veins, straight sinus, and Vein of Galen, represents a minority of cerebral venous thrombotic events. Methods: Here we report the unusual finding of unilateral choroid plexus hyperattenuation associated with thrombosis of the ipsilateral internal cerebral vein, Vein of Galen, straight sinus, and torcula. Results: A 41-year-old man presented with gradual left hemi-paresis, hyper-reflexia, and signs of encephalopathy. Noncontrast head CT was remarkable only for hyperattenuation of the right lateral ventricle choroid plexus. Further imaging revealed asymmetric deep cerebral venous and dural sinus thrombosis, with hemorrhagic venous infarction of the diencephalon. Conclusion: Choroid plexus hyperattenuation is an unusual radiographic finding that may be associated with deep venous and dural sinus thrombosis.