1482. Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion as an outpatient procedure. first year results

Authors: Khaled Saoud, MD PhD; Hazem Mashally, MD, PhD (Cairo, Egypt, Arab Rep.)

Introduction: Decreasing the hospital stay has been the target of spine surgery in the recent years. Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion has been done in outpatient base on many institutions in the recent years. We started doing selected cases of ACDF on outpatient base starting from 2017. We are reviewing the cases done on 2017 on outpatient base. Methods: This is a retrospective analysis of cases ACDF done during the year of 2017. 50 cases of have been done on outpatient basis. We included in the study cases on one and two levels. All cases have been assessed in the anesthesia out-patient clinic and only cases that have been evaluated as ASA grade 1 have been included as outpatient cases. Cases with sleep apnea were excluded from being day cases. Cases were usually scheduled first on the operative list. We followed cases until full fusion. Results: We did not have any neurological deterioration in any of our cases. The mean operative time was 62 minutes (40-85 minutes). Cases where discharged 10 hours postoperatively. None of the cases required re admission. One case had superficial wound infection that was treated by antibiotics. All cases had solid fusion by 6 months follow up. Conclusion: ACDF can be done in selected cases on outpatient basis. This reduces the cost of the service without jeopardizing the results.