1503. Cervical vertebroplasty in osteoporotic patients with cervical disc prolapse surgery

Authors: Ashraf A. El Badry, MD, IFAANS (Mansoura city, Egypt, Arab Rep.)

Background The first vertebroplasty procedure was done by Harve Deramond in France in 1984 for a case of a hemangioma in the body of cervical vertebrae.. Bone cement (that injected under pressure) fills the areas of bone loss in the body making it more strong to overcome stress which caused by osteoporosis. The usage of cervical vertebroplasty to strength the vertebra in cervical disc surgery in osteoporotic patients before application of cages very limited in literatures .The aim of this study was to evaluate the success rate of this technique and record its sequelae . Material/Methods In the years 2011–2017 this technique was achieved in 2 male and 5 female . Their age was vary between 47 to 67 years (mean age: 54.1 years.) who documented to have osteoporosis by bone densometry .the surgical steps consist of open anterior cervical vertebroplasty in selected level adjacent to prolapsed cervical disc , discectomy then putting the cages . Results In 5 cases pain relief was observed immediately after the procedure while 2 cases complained from inter-scapular pain relieved by simple analgesics for 6 weeks .the study showed no life-threatening complications. Conclusions Cervical spine vertebroplasty with cervical disc surgery and cage application can be done without major sequelae but this data to be a concept must applied on higher number of cases Keywords: Bone Cement, Hemangioma, Cavernous, Central Nervous System, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Spinal Interventional Radiology, Vertebroplasty