Jaimie Henderson, MD, FAANS, is director of the stereotactic and functional neurosurgery program at Stanford and co-director the Stanford Neural Prosthetics Translational Laboratory (NPTL). Dr. Henderson’s research interests encompass several areas of stereotactic and functional neurosurgery, including frameless stereotactic approaches for therapy, deep brain stimulation, cortical physiology and its relationship to normal and pathological movement, neural prostheses and the development of novel neuromodulatory techniques for the treatment of neurological diseases. Throughout his career, Dr. Henderson has been intimately involved with the development of the field of image-guided surgery and remains one of the world’s leading experts on the application of image-guided surgical techniques to functional neurosurgical procedures, such as deep brain stimulator placement. His work with the Stanford NPTL focuses on the dual goals of creating clinically viable interfaces between the human brain and prosthetic devices to assist people with severe neurological disability, and investigating fundamental questions in human neuroscience.