The AANS controls the content and production of this CME activity and attempts to ensure the presentation of balanced, objective information.

In accordance with the Standards for Commercial Support established by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), all faculty, planners of educational content and staff (and the significant others of those mentioned) are asked to disclose any relationship they have with commercial interests which may be related to the content of their lecture. The ACCME defines “relevant financial relationships” as financial relationships in any amount occurring within the past 12 months that create a conflict of interest.

Faculty, planners of educational content and staff (and the significant others of those mentioned) who have disclosed a relationship* with commercial interests whose products may have a relevance to their presentation are listed below.

*Relationship refers to receipt of royalties, consultantship, funding by research grant, receiving honoraria for educational services elsewhere, or any other relationship to a commercial company that provides sufficient reason for disclosure.

David Daniel Gonda, MD

Consultant Fees

Brian E. William Hanak IV, MD

Grants/Research Support
This study was funded by a grant provided by Seattle Children’s Research Institute’s Office of Science-Industry Partnerships

Consultant Fees
Sigilon Therapeutics, Inc.: The presenting author (BWH) served as a paid consultant for Sigilon Therapeutics during the study period although presently does not have an active consulting contract with this company. The following authors have also held positions within Sigilon Therapeutics during the study period: OV, DGA, and RSL.

Grants/Research Support
Medtronic: The catheters used in this study were purchased from Medtronic using grant funds. Although the presenting author (BWH) has previously received ventricular catheters from Medtronic under a research grant, the catheters used in the present study were purchased and therefore Medtronic had no input in the present study’s design, analysis, or data reporting.

James M. Johnston Jr., MD

BoardTrusteeOfficerLeadership position specifically with a neurosurgical or medical-related associatednon-profit or similar entity
CNine Biosolutions, LLC

Matthew Kruchten

Grants/Research Support

*David Delmar Limbrick Jr., MD, PhD

Grants/Research Support
Microbot Medical, Inc.

Grants/Research Support
Medtronic, Inc.

Carrie Rebecca Muh, MD

Stock Shareholder (purchased directi.e. not through Mutual Fundretirement packageetc.)


Brandon G. Rocque, MD, MS

Grants/Research Support

Allen Kent Sills, MD

Employee (any industry)
National Football League

Stacy Tanaka, MD, MS

Grants/Research Support
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Marion L. Walker, MD

Consultant FeesHonorarium
Medtronic CSF Therapies

The following faculty and staff (and the significant others of those mentioned) have reported they DO NOT have any relationships with commercial interests:

Laurie Lynn Ackerman, MD
*P. David Adelson, MD
Raheel Ahmed, MD
Edward S. Ahn, MD
Sonia Ajmera
Syed Hassan Akbari, MD
Gregory W. Albert, MD
Philipp R. Aldana, MD
Nikita Alexiades, MD
Naif M. Alotaibi, MD
*Patty L. Anderson
Leopold Arko IV, MD
Elsa Arocho-Quinones, MD
Anastasia Arynchyna
Harrison Ballard
David Frederick Bauer, MD
Mandana Behbahani, MD
Nikhil Bellamkonda
Joshua D. Bernstock
Abhiraj Bhimani
*Christopher Michael Bonfield, MD
Michael Bounajem
Douglas L. Brockmeyer, MD
Amy Katherine Bruzek, MD
Lacey Carter, MD
Daryn Cass, MD
Leandro Castaneyra-Ruiz, PhD
Du Cheng
Christy Cherkesky, RN, ACNP
Joshua J. Chern, MD, PhD
*Sue Christiansen
Michael Cools, MD
David John Daniels, MD, PhD
Pooja Dave
Michael Dewan, MD, MSCI
Annie Drapeau, MD
Marilyn Dubree, MSN, RN, NE-BC
Katrina Alise Ducis, MD
Ann-Christine Duhaime, MD
Ashley M. Dunbar
Esther B. Dupepe, MD, MSPH
*Susan R. Durham, MD
Lior Elkaim
Scott W. Elton, MD
Andrew Scott Emmert
Paul Joseph Escher
Abdullah H. Feroze, MD
Mohammed Fouda, MD
Andrew B. Foy, MD
*Lori Garcia
Joanna Elizabeth Gernsback, MD
Saniya Siraj Godil, MD
Hannah Goldstein, MD
Lance Shane Governale, MD
Jacob Kalman Greenberg, MD
Stephanie Greene, MD
Dayton Parker Grogan
Mari Louise Groves, MD
Siddharth Gupta
Faizal Haji, MD, PhD
Andrew Hale
Natalie J. Hall, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, ANVP-BC
Todd Cameron Hankinson, MD, MBA
Allie Harbert
Amrita Hari-Raj
William Harkness, MD
David Houston Harter, MD
Winson Ho, MD
Caitlin Elizabeth Hoffman, MD
Molly Hubbard, MD
Ava M. Hunt
Albert Isaacs, MD
*Bermans J. Iskandar, MD
Eric M. Jackson, MD
Sarah C. Jernigan, MD
Megan Johnson, MD
Christine M Jones
Joel Katz, DO
Meysam Ali Kebriaei, MD
Brian Joseph Kelley, MD, PhD
John R. W. Kestle, MD
Lily H. Kim
Jennifer Klein, FNP
Paul Klimo Jr., MD
*Mark D. Krieger, MD
Elizabeth Naylor Kuhn, MD
Sandi K. Lam, MD
Thomas W. Larrew, MD
Jeffrey R. Leonard, MD
Jacob Richard Lepard, MD
Simon Levinson
Sean M. Lew, MD
Campbell Liles
Natalie Limoges, DO
Robert Lober, MD, PhD
Melissa Ann LoPresti, MD
Paige Lundy, MD
Jonathan E. Martin, MD
Ken Maynard III, MD
*Catherine Anne Mazzola, MD
James (Pat) Patterson McAllister II, PhD
Samuel G. McClugage III, MD
Michael M. McDowell, MD
Jon Meacham
Mirriam Mikhail
Brandon Andrew Miller, MD
Julie Miller, PhD, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, CPNP-AC
Akshitkumar Maheshbhai Mistry, MD
Scott C. Mitchell II, B.E.
Karim Mithani
Tadashi Miyagawa
Omeed Modiri
Laila Malani Mohammad, MD
Moira Elaine Moore
Diego Martin Morales
Peter F. Morgenstern, MD
*Robert Partlow Naftel, MD
Vinayak Narayan, M.Ch
Khoi Nguyen, MD
Ryan Dinh Nguyen
Christina Marie Notarianni, MD
Veronica Oldfield, NP
Reed A. Omary, MD, MS
Joseph A. Petronio, MD
Joseph H. Piatt Jr., MD
Jonathan A. Pindrik, MD
Jared Michael Pisapia, MD
Mary Virginia Portera
*Mark R. Proctor, MD
Laura Prolo, MD PhD
Sumit Pruthi, MD
Jennifer Lauren Quon, MD
John Ragheb, MD
Vijay Mysore Ravindra, MD
Rebecca Anne Reynolds, MD
Coleman Riordan
Jay K. Riva-Cambrin, MD, MSc
Jarod Roland, MD
*Curtis J. Rozzelle, MD
Thomas M. Russell, MD
Afshin Salehi, MS, MD
Derek Clay Samples, MD
*Kim Schader
Riccardo Serra
*Chevis Shannon, MBA, MPH,
DrPH Belinda Shao
Julia Sharma, MD
Nir Shimony, MD
Tamara D. Simon, MD, MPH
Edward Robert Smith, MD
Luke George Foley Smith, MD
Elena M. Solli, MD
Amanda Stanton
Phillip B. Storm, MD
Jennifer Strahle, MD
Mandeep Singh Tamber, MD, PhD
Oliver Tang
Meena Thatikunta, MD
Eric M. Thompson, MD
Luke Tomycz, MD
Umberto Tosi
Duncan Trimble
Alexander Tucker, MD
Elizabeth C. Tyler-Kabara, MD, PhD
*Elizabeth Haley Vance, DNP, CPNP
Matthew L. Vestal, MD
Trinka Vijmasi
Shelly Wang, MD
Benjamin C. Warf, MD
*John C. Wellons III, MD
Matthew Wheelwright
Ros Whelan, MD
George Yang, MD
Derek Yecies, MD
Melissa Yuan
Kathrin Zimmerman
*Indicates educational content planner